Looking ahead in 2016 – Five MMOs to grind through

There’s more than a few MMOs that are making their way online this year so here’s a sample. A few other titles appeared in other categories mostly because it was tough for me to decide whether they were “MMO” enough to be in this dedicated category.

For example, Star Citizen has adopted an MMO direction for its MP portion but it also has a single-player component (Squadron 42) and still leaves me with the impression of being primarily a space sim with MMO/MP features as opposed to something like Westwood Studios’ long defunct Earth and Beyond. It’s a weird, fine line, I admit, so apologies in advance if some other titles you may find in other categories seem like they should belong in one category or another.

In other cases, some titles I became increasingly concerned for 2016 were just dropped. Example: Firefly Online. Although the website has been updated, final release is virtually unknown, a fact compounded by the relatively little progress that development appears to be moving at. The last posts for the game on the official site in November and December included transcripts of a Q&A session held during the summer months earlierA companion app on Steam, apparently released to complement development for the MMO with microtransaction features, has met with mixed reviews from players. Will it eventually come out? I don’t know. I guess it might. But at this point, I don’t have a lot of confidence it will anytime in the near future based on what is available.

Like the previous lists, this isn’t the ultimate in comprehensive collections – it’s just a big slice of information cross referenced between a number of sources from Gamestop to Wikipedia, and some games aren’t here at all due to a lack of information (or even a website to reference back to) or I just had no idea that X title was out there. For a really comprehensive listing, check out MMORPG’s big list of titles. Any dates that are for certain regions only will be tagged (like JP, for Japan). Like always, if you feel that this list is missing a favorite or two, be sure to let everyone know in the comments.

Albion Online – Sandbox Interactive (Android, Linux, OS X, Windows)
TBA 2016

What is it?
Cartoonish medieval fantasy action RPG MMO from Germany with player-driven towns, economy, and open-world PvP to conquer new lands to expand your fledgling empire into. It will also have land auctions, guilds, and open warfare against other player towns and structures. Players can develop their chosen character with a deep upgrade tree. It also features cross-platform integration to keep you grinding wherever you might be.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Ubisoft Massive (PS4, Windows, XBO)
TBA 2016

What is it?
Pushing into 2016 and with beta sign-ups live, this is still an MMO-styled third-person tactical shooter set in a post-apocalyptic New York three weeks after it was left wasted by a plague. Players are cast into being members of the “Division”, a special unit set up to deal with the crisis as it continues to ravage the city and pit desperate survivors against each other. RPG elements will allow players to improve their character’s skills, craft pieces of equipment, and explore the modern ruins of what was once NYC. Multiplayer options will allow players to trade with each other online, team up on missions to fight the virus, or investigate places together. PvP will also be available.

Kingdom Under Fire II – Blueside (PS4)
TBA 2016

What is it?
Expected out for the PS4 in Spring 2016, the high fantasy title will blend elements of a single-player game, an RTS, and an MMO all in one package. The engine boasts being able to field thousands of soldiers on the field for the player to plow through in PvE or PvP when they go head-to-head against other Heroes along with story quests as in the single-player Kingdom Under Fire.

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade – Behavior Interactive (Linux, Windows)
TBA 2016 (Closed Alpha started)

What is it?
An MMO shooter set in Game Workshop’s Warhammer 40K universe. Centered on the former Imperial world of Arkhona, a war rages between four major factions for control. Players can choose to be a member of the Imperial Space Marines, the wicked Chaos Space Marines, the ever violent Orks, the alien Tyranids, or the mysterious and ancient Eldar. Hero and Elite classes are still in the works, but players can opt to play-for-free as an Ork (with restrictions) or purchase the game and play forever, paying only for expansions or the occasional microtransaction for cosmetics. It’s currently in closed Alpha accessible to those that have purchased one of the “Founder” packs from the store.

World of Warcraft: Legion – Blizzard Entertainment (Windows)
TBA 2016

What is it?
The latest upcoming expansion to the World of Warcraft heralds the arrival of the Burning Legion and the terrifying power it uses it lay waste to the world on their arrival. And they’re not done yet. Players will battle their forces to stave off extinction with the help of several new features including a new level cap, area, and a new class.


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