Looking ahead in 2016 – Seven Fighters Enter the Ring

There will actually be more than just Street Fighter V in 2016.

Like the previous lists, this isn’t the ultimate in comprehensive collections – it’s just a big slice of information cross referenced between a number of sources from Gamestop to Wikipedia, and some games aren’t here at all due to a lack of information (or even a website to reference back to) or I just had no idea that X title was out there. Like always, if you feel that this list is missing a favorite or two, be sure to let everyone know in the comments.

So what fighters are coming out?

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator – Arc System Works (PS3, PS4) http://guiltygear.us/ggxrdr/
Spring 2016

What is it?
The newest iteration of Guilty Gear will feature cross-platform play (between the PS3 and PS4 versions), 20+ fighters, brutal combos, and all of it rendered in the 2D cell shaded style that the series is known for.

The King of Fighters XIV – SNK Playmore (PS4) http://www.snkplaymore.co.jp/us/games/kof-xiv/
TBA 2016

What is it?
The newest iteration of King of Fighters will feature 50 fighters, 3D graphics, and a 3-on-3 “Team Battle” mode among other enhancements. Online player can also pit six players against each other (3vs3 with each fighter controlled by a different player) in a “Party Battle” mode.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – CyberConnect2 (PS4, Windows, XBO) http://naruto-game.bngames.net/
February 9, 2016

What is it?
The sixth installment and the final chapter covering the last arcs of the Naruto storyline. Like the other Naruto games, this one will allow you to pick and choose who to fight as from a vast roster of characters straight from the popular manga/anime series in huge 3D arenas employing everything from martial arts to “ultimate jutsus”. Players can also experience the game’s story mode exploring and battling across Naruto’s world. A new feature with this entry is the ability to swap characters in and out of battle similar to the mechanic used in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Additional effects include breaking armor and weapons.

Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel – Examu (PS3, PS4)
January 26, 2016

What is it?
Fighting game featuring heroines from the various Nitroplus released visual novels along with manga and anime series. It came out in Japanese arcades on April 30th in 2015 and is slated for release in the West on consoles in January. There are over 32 fighters on the roster.

One Piece: Burning Blood – Spike Chunsoft (PS4, PS Vita, Windows, XBO)
June, 2016

What is it?
Coming to the West this June, it’s another fighting game based on the popular manga and anime series, One Piece.

Pokken Tournament – Bandai Namco Games/The Pokemon Company (Arcade)
June 1, 2016

What is it?
Coming from Japan as a port of the formerly arcade exclusive title, it’s Pokemon adapted into a Tekken-like fighting game. Katsuhiro Harada (Tekken) has said that the game is aimed at both casual and hardcore Pokemon fans and doesn’t actually use Tekken’s fighting engine. Instead, it’s using something new focusing more on action than techniques.

Street Fighter V – Capcom (Linux, PS4, Windows)
February 16, 2016

What is it?
The fifth iteration of the famous Street Fighter series will feature cross-platform play between PCs and consoles for the first time in its history. Built on top of the UE4, the game will feature not only old favorites returning like Dhalsim and Bison but a few new characters such as dance-master Laura and the mysterious F.A.N.G. who claims that he’s the second-in-command of Shadaloo under M. Bison. The game has been undergoing a number of betas over the past few months as it prepares for its debut next year.



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