Happy 30th Birthday – The Commodore Amiga

Today, thirty years ago, the Commodore Amiga trickled out paving the way for a dynasty of tech renowned for doing things such as powering early VR rigs to providing a playground for devs such as Psygnosis and Cinemaware. From games to CAD, the Commodore Amiga seemed to be able to do it all and for many fans that still remember it fondly today, it continues to live on as the best machine they’ve ever had.

Check out a brief writeup I did on the Amiga’s roots here or sit back and relax while listening to a collection of chiptunes created on the system! Happy birthday, Amiga!

The Amiga was an incredible machine featuring amazing color capabilities, sound, and ease of use attracting everyone from students to artistic celebrities such as Andy Warhol. 

It’s one of the most famous images in the world — and, possibly, also for the Amiga. This 1987 ad easily made its point in demonstrating just what the Amiga was capable of creating with EA’s Deluxe Paint.

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