Looking Ahead to 2015 – Six Strategies to Play

And now the final category — Strategy. At least six relatively high profile strategy titles are heading out to do war in the coming year. There are probably quite a few more than this, and if you think there’s are one or two in particular that you’d like to see mentioned, be sure to let everyone know in the comments!

Again, the release dates and info were scrubbed from publicly available sources and like everything else, the dates (based on North America except where indicated otherwise) can be like moving targets along with the information. As one example, when I initially started research for this and the other categories, there was hardly any information on Blitzkrieg 3. And then towards the end of December, there was literally a “blitzkrieg” of info from the devs detailing a lot about the game, where it was headed, and what players can expect. I thought it was going to be an MMO at first, did another check, and found out about “asynchronous multiplayer”.

So let’s see what’s on tap for armchair generals everywhere!

Bladestorm Nightmare – Omega Force (PS3, PS4, XBO)
March 3, 2015

What is it?
An updated re-release of the original Bladestorm adds a new “Nightmare” option in the form of a fantasy story with cyclopes and dragons in addition to its own real-time strategy take on the Hundred Years War. In the game, players control a hero who, in turn, can command “up to 200 men” across four different squads, combining them together for when you just need a mailed fist to punch through enemy lines in order to take down objectives on the battlefield in this action-oriented strategy game.

Blitzkrieg 3 – Nival (Linux, OS X, Windows)

What is it?
The next big entry in Nival’s Blitzkrieg series set once again in WW2 featuring three fully featured campaigns looking at major campaigns in the war. The game will also boast “asynchronous multiplayer” where players can set up their bases and fortifications in between play sessions as opposed to doing everything while both players are in the game together. In a dev interview hosted on the site, the project also wanted to start from 1945 and cover big battles since then, including Vietnam which Nival has said is mostly done and may appear as extra content later on. It already looks great and I can’t wait to see more on the game.

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. – Intelligent Systems (Nintendo 3DS)
March 13, 2015

What is it?
Aliens are invading and it’s up to Abraham Lincoln and a team of picked specialists to save the world with turn-based tactics! Intelligent Systems has a solid reputation with Nintendo hits like Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, and even Paper Mario, so there are a lot of hopes that some of that fun will rub off in a game that blends Cthulhu-like invaders and steampunk technology in a war to save humanity.

Hearts of Iron IV – Paradox Development Studio (Linux, OS X, Windows)
Q1 2015

What is it?
The newest iteration of the Hearts of Iron WW2 grand strategy series where players can pick literally any nation on Earth to try and survive, conquer, or manipulate their way through the conflict. If this is anything like the previous games, this will have a staggering degree of detail to everything from developing period-specific war machines to negotiating trade as you try and make your mark on history.

Total War: Attila – The Creative Assembly (Windows)
February 17, 2015

What is it?
The ninth game in the Total War series takes players to the eve of the Western Roman Empire and the beginning of Attila’s rise to power. Factions will include both halves of the Roman Empire and many of the tribal powers that haunt the fringes of its political domain. Enhancements to the engine include the new “raze” mechanic where entire regions can burn under the might of fire, improvements to family trees and civic management options, period-specific weapons and cultures, and a visually detailed look at the end of the world from the Roman point of view.

War for the Overworld – Subterannean Games (Linux, OS X, Windows)
TBA 2015

What is it?
Delayed until February, 2015, this Kickstarter project still promises a rebirth of the same kind of gameplay that made Dungeon Keeper incredibly fun. In this dungeon sim, and just like in Dungeon Keeper, players take on the part of the Underlord in building up a dungeon, stocking it with traps and monsters, and then luring good guys in to get squashed. It’s all good fun, especially if you want to see how the bad guys do it from their side of the moss covered wall.


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