Looking Ahead to 2015 – Six More RPGs Found in the Dungeon

Six more RPGs popped up on my radar for the coming year thanks to Steam, most of which are expected out in January alone. Busy, busy start to the new year.

Apotheon – Alientrap (PS4, Windows)
January, 2015

What is it?
A 2D, action adventure RPG done in the visual style of ancient, Grecian illustrations such as the Athenian black and red figure paintings on vases. Explore the vast, open world of Mount Olympus as Nikandreos battles to steal the power of the gods (i.e. by destroying them like a 2D Kratos) in order to save humanity. Though it doesn’t look quite as bone crushingly brutal as God of War, an open world action adventure with RPG elements done like a moving painting still sounds like it could be one of the year’s more unique experiences.

Blackguards 2 – Daedalic Entertainment (OS X, Windows)
January 20, 2015

What is it?
The sequel to 2014’s Blackguards set in the world of Das Schwarze Auge (The Dark Eye), Germany’s role-playing tabletop juggernaut, this is a strategy RPG taking place in the aftermath of the events from the first game. This gritty chapter will feature familiar characters, not all of whom have had happy endings since the end of their last adventure. Cassia, escaping her dungeon cell, seeks to overthrow Marwan who sits on the Shark Throne by recruiting mercenaries and anyone else that will fight for her right to rule whether they’re criminals or worse creating a party of up to 20 anti-heroes. Anything to get the job done. Just how it actually is done will depend on the player’s decisions which can influence both the characters in their turn-based, hex mapped lives and how this story ultimately writes its ending.

Chasm – Discord Games (Linux, OS X, Windows)
TBA 2015

What is it?
Another successful Kickstarter, it’s a procedurally generated metroidvania RPG where Daltyn discovers that strange forces have isolated the snowy mountain town of Karthas from the outside world. Trapped along with everyone else, it’s up to him to dive into the mystery in this pixel art inspired adventure fighting bosses, discovering gear, and diving ever deeper into an adventure whose six areas can change with every new game.

Citizens of Earth – Eden Industries (Nintendo 3DS, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, Windows)
January 20, 2015

What is it?
Described by the developers as “Earthbound meets Pokemon/Suikoden”, this top-down RPG tried to Kickstart only to miss its goal by a wide margin. JRPG powerhouse, Atlus, saw potential in the game and agreed to fund it, backing it with a marketing campaign and bringing it to life. In this game, you’re the Vice President of the World and it’s up to you to recruit your fellow citizens from bakers to the homeless in order to uncover a mysterious conspiracy that threatens everyone. Deserts, casinos, neighborhoods, and cities are all part of this turn-based, open-world adventure.

Raven’s Cry – Reality Pump (Linux, OS X, PS3, PS4, Windows, Xbox 360)
January 26, 2015

What is it?
Delayed from 2014, Raven’s Cry’s open-world pirate RPG is finally hitting retail shores later this month. At least on Steam. Developed by the same studio behind the famous (or infamous depending on who you talk to) Two Worlds and its noticeably improved sequel, Raven’s Cry promises high adventure on the waves as would-be pirate kings take on the role of a vengeance driven Christopher Raven as he seeks those who killed his family. Players will build up a fleet of ships, drive fear into their foes, manage their crew, smuggle and trade goods across the Caribbean, and affect the skills he can learn and how the rest of the world deals with him depending on the choices made throughout the game.

Serpent in the Staglands – Whalenought Studios (Linux, OS X, Windows)
Q1 2015

What is it?
Another Kickstarted RPG, you play a god trapped in the mortal world. Disguised as a Spicer, it’s up to the player to guide Necholai’s path through a world inspired by “the late bronze age in a Transylvanian landscape”. According to its Kickstarter page, the game boasts combat influences by classic CRPGs like Baldur’s Gate and Darklands such as paused, visually action-oriented combat. There is no “good and evil”, only the consequences of what you as a now all-too-mortal god seeking to cling to their immortality decide on in dealing with the world around you.

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