Looking Ahead to 2015 – Four MMO Worlds (we hope) To Visit

There are quite a few more than four new MMOs expected to come out in 2015 so this is just small sample of what we can expect. As always, if there’s an MMO that you’re keeping track of and would like to let everyone know about it, be sure to post it in the comments!

Firefly Online – Spark Plug Games/Quantum Mechanix (Android, iOS, OS X, Windows)
Spring 2015

What is it?
The MMO adaptation of the Firefly sci-fi universe in which players will be able to form crews and take part in a tactical RPG exploring and competing against other players. Many of the show’s original stars will be lending their voices and likenesses for the game such as Nathan Fillion,k Morena Baccarin, and Ron Glass. Michael Dorn has also joined the cast.

Shadowrun Online – Cliffhanger Productions (Android, iOS, Linux, OS X, Ouya, Windows)
Q1 2015

What is it?
Unlike Shadowrun Returns which takes place in the 2050s, this one is set in the 2070s but will also share bits and pieces of history from what is being done in Returns to create a persistent feel between the two. This was also another Kickstarted project successfully funded (on August 14, 2012) and is currently part of Steam’s Early Access (since March 31st of 2014). After a little more than two years and change in development, Cliffhanger’s hoping for an early 2015 release – a date well past its initial estimate of May, 2013. Incidentally, Cliffhanger also pushed out a MOBA title for mobiles and on Steam earlier on called Aerena which helped to further fund their work on SRO.

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Ubisoft Massive (PS4, Windows, XBO)
TBA 2015

What is it?
Pushing into 2015, this is still an MMO-styled third-person tactical shooter set in a post-apocalyptic New York three weeks after it was left wasted by a plague. Players are cast into being members of the “Division”, a special unit set up to deal with the crisis as it continues to ravage the city and pit desperate survivors against each other. RPG elements will allow players to improve their character’s skills, craft pieces of equipment, and explore the modern ruins of what was once NYC. Multiplayer options will allow players to trade with each other online, team up on missions to fight the virus, or investigate places together. PvP will also be available.

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade – Behavior Interactive (Linux, Windows)
TBA 2015

What is it?
An MMO shooter set in Game Workshop’s Warhammer 40K universe. Centered on the former Imperial world of Arkhona, a war rages between four major factions for control. Players can choose to be a member of the Imperial Space Marines, the wicked Chaos Space Marines, the ever violent Orks, or the mysterious and ancient Eldar. The Tyranids are a fifth faction, but they don’t seem to be player controlled. Instead, they’re apparently going to be an ongoing threat so big that every faction will be forced to fight them. Hero and Elite classes are still in the works, but players can opt to play-for-free as an Ork (with restrictions) or purchase the game and play forever, paying only for expansions or the occasional microtransaction for cosmetics.


2 responses to “Looking Ahead to 2015 – Four MMO Worlds (we hope) To Visit

  1. Thanks for pointing that out! I clarified the entry for Warhammer 40k — I meant to say only four of the factions seem playable. The Tyranids look like they’re going in as a persistent threat facing all of them.

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