Postcards from Rivellon

Been spending a lot of time with Divinity: Original Sin from Larian Studios. In short, it’s good. Really good. It makes me wish that I had donated to the Kickstarter Larian set up to expand the game with a bigger team when I had the chance. The only thing I wish it had was four-player co-op out of the box, but there’s already a mod for that and I expect that there’ll be a lot more in the coming months.

It’s also a really meaty RPG. I’m talking 70+ hours or more depending on how much you want to explore and dig into every quest, bookshelf, dungeon nook, or encounter found in the game. It’s just a joy to tromp throughout this world and BE an explorer. Some of the puzzles can be a bit obtuse along with the balancing, but they’re minor quibbles compared to a lot of everything else this lighthearted CRPG just does right from the story and characters to the music and voice acting.

Combat’s also tough but (for the most part so far) fair. The environmental/combo effects are really what set it apart. Blood splattered on the battlefield can be electrified, immobilizing enemies in their own energized ichor. The ground can be frozen to trip up foes and then the ice melted releasing clouds of steam thanks to a fireball — steam that can also be electrified to stun anyone foolish enough to walk into it. You can set up a few tricks on the battlefield prior to a fight you know is coming with a few carefully placed spells, too, use choke points, create choke points, exploit obstacles…it really places a lot of options in the hands of players.

In the meantime, here are a few postcards of where my party’s been.

Did I rifle through all of those bookshelves? You bet I did. I would have done the same for each of those stacks, too, if I could.

“Found hidden library, read saucy letters and books, filched goods to sell elsewhere for coin, met upset priest, had big fight. Electrocuted blood all over floor. Wish you were here!”

Death Knights were annoying, but once my intrepid party discovered the means to turn them into scrap, it was time to hunt.

“Ran into Death Knights, ran away from Death Knights, found out how to kill Death Knights, hunted Death Knights into extinction. Wish you were here!”

"Trudging through snow, accidentally freed prisoner, misunderstanding with guards and king. Everything went FUBAR. Wish you were here!"

“Trudging through snow, accidentally freed prisoners, misunderstanding with guards and king. Everything went FUBAR. Wish you were here!”

"Took a test, spared chicken, upset teacher who brought his assistants to grade my efforts personally. Had heart to heart, cleared everything up. Wish you were...oh, you know."

“Took a test, spared chicken, teacher accused me of cheating. Brought assistants to punish me. Had heart to heart, cleared everything up. Wish you were…oh, you know.”


3 responses to “Postcards from Rivellon

  1. Combat is tough at first, but it quickly becomes easy as you progress through the game. My party can handle whatever comes their way. I usually die by accidentally stepping in a lava pool or getting blown up by barrels :].

    • I think I’ve lost more party members to lava than anything else, especially when said lava spilled from a monster I just killed — and my poor fighter was right next to it. Still, good times!

      • I learned to just let my archer do all the work in those occasions. That’s why everyone in my party is a hybrid character. My warrior is also a fire mage. My archer is also a lightning mage, my healer also specializes in earth magic, and I have a Witchblade :].

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