The very cool history of arcade games in one really big image

Via Wired’s Peter Rubin, he points out M&P Amusement’s mega-gif below (linked from their site) which traces the history of arcade games starting in 1909 to 2014 (yes, there are still arcade games being made today!). If you visit their site and scroll all the way to the bottom, they also have a short writeup summarizing this rather extensive history mentioning title ssuch as Pong to Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution in 1999.

As for who M&P Amusement are, they’ve been around since 1932 having started off with machines like pinball and candy machines. They even do restoration work and continue to sell arcade games of all kinds from their offices in Pennsylvania. So they’d certainly know a thing or two about its history! The ones they have on sale aren’t cheap (this arcade jet simulator from Bandai Namco with a 180 degree screen and cockpit nearly clocks in at $29,000 alone) but if you really want to add something special to your own arcade, they might have what you’re looking for.

I’m a little sad that beat ’em ups were overlooked but a lot of the biggie milestones are listed from the crash that flatlined the console industry in the West in the early 80s (paving the way for Japan’s Hiroshi Yamauchi to eventually stake Nintendo’s claim to the crown) to the rise of fighting games in hte 90s. The Oculus Rift even gets a mention at the bottom next to a really neat sounding arcade game called Dark Escape 3D.

The only thing missing from this picture? The greasy fingerprints and smell of pizza from the food place next door. Ah, memories…


Evolution Of The Arcade - Part 1Evolution Of The Arcade - Part 2Evolution Of The Arcade - Part 3Evolution Of The Arcade - Part 4Evolution Of The Arcade - Part 5Evolution Of The Arcade - Part 6Evolution Of The Arcade - Part 7Evolution Of The Arcade - Part 8Evolution Of The Arcade - Part 9

Infographic from M&P Amusement on the evolution of arcade gaming.

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