Kickstarter – Mighty No. 9!

For gamers that grew up with Mega Man, the success of the Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter is something of a huge vindication for their love of the Mega Man series. Keiji Inafune, the series’ fabled creator and Capcom alum, is behind it along with a crack team of devs behind him at his new studio, Comcept. It made it’s goal of $900k in a little under two days and crossed the $1mil mark a few hours later.

Inafune had left Capcom in 2010 to essentially reboot a new career after spending more than two decades as the Godfather of Mega Man, but also to try out new ideas that he couldn’t creatively explore while there.

Mighty No. 9 looks like a Mega Man clone at first, but it also looks to promote its own kind of charisma to it to help it stand out. If it shares anything with Mega Man, it’s that familiar formula that Inafune and his team know all too well.

But that’s only on the surface. I’m hoping it will also have a unique set of features to help it stand out as a potpourri of everything that the Mega Man’s dad had wanted to play around with. This Kickstarter could be the catalyst to letting Inafune’s imagination explode. Having familiar tropes that any Mega Man fan will recognize can only help as an initial stepping stone to what Inafune and his team will pull together.


Right now, Mighty No. 9 is still in the planning stages, but the concept art above (courtesy of Comcept’s Kickstarter) looks great! There’s even theme music which brings back a lot of great 8-bit memories.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m excited about the game! I haven’t played all of the Mega Man games, but I loved what I could get my hands on. The first few were lots of fun and Mega Man Legends 1 and 2 were really fun twists to the world as RPG adventures. It’s that kind of excitement that makes me hope that Mighty No. 9 blasts through its milestones to become even better and, eventually, hit up consoles either as a physical or digital offering. It’s not impossible, I don’t think, and there are still 29 days left to see if it’ll happen.

There are a lot of tiered offerings, depending on how much you want to donate, ranging from the digital download of the game (right now, it’s PC only) to an actual physical box and manual (done old school NES style, presumably) and a plushy if one of the main enemies…to dinner in Japan with Inafune himself. The Kickstarter’s still young, so who knows what else they’ll cram into it before everything’s done. As for the actual release of the game, it’s slated for 2015. They’re taking their time with this one, but at the same time, it’s like a dream team of Japanese devs like that working on Project Phoenix (also on Kickstarter).

So here’s to hoping that Mighty No. 9 soars all the way up and over that $2.5mil milestone!


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