Happy April Fools…from the past

Before the ‘net became the monster media machine that it is, mags illustrated the month of April with their own merry month of fun. Some held contests and others, like Gamepro, had a section inside called Lamepro.


Gamepro was a fun mag to leaf through with a bright layout, lots of gaming goodness, and a window into the industry with a look into what the next several months had on tap. And it wasn’t above using the same pages to have a bit of fun with its readers .

One of the things I miss about April Fools were Irem’s April Fools jokes. The company that gave the world Moon Patrol, R-Type and Kung Fu Master in the arcades has seen better days which they shared with the rest of the world through some colorfully creative pages on April Fools day at their official site. Unfortunately, they had stopped doing it a few years ago and the original site no longer archives them. But thanks to the magic of the Internet Wayback Machine, a few like 2005’s listing for the Exidna game console are still around.


Irem loved their April Fools jokes. Their Exidna site for 2005 was illustrated with pics of their new console, controller concepts, and godlike hardware statistics.

This year’s crops of jokes continue to keep that kind of spirit alive, though, like Newegg’s “Best in New Tech” promo complete with a PC featuring a whopping 16kb of RAM for only $1, 295.95! 5.25″ double density!

Or Guild Wars 2’s “Super Adventure Box” with an accompanying trailer shellacked with 80s cheese.

So awesome.


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