Survived sleeping with dogs and a second run at the apocalypse

The past few days have been pretty busy, but I have managed to survive both Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders II. I posted both reviews up on Tech-Out, a site I help out with when I can, and have to say that they were both pretty fun for different reasons.

The only thing is that I wished Darksiders II wasn’t so formulaic, but it has its moments especially thanks to Madureira’s art style. Sleeping Dogs is also tons of fun. If you want, you can check out both reviews there, Darksiders II is here and the one for Sleeping Dogs is here.

But now, let’s get started with another ad from the past continuing our tour into yesteryear, seeing what else I might have missed out on or wished that there was more of.

Retro games, activate! Form of…a Frogger clone?


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