From the pages of the past! Ads from yesteryear – Preppie!

Preppie! ad 1982

I’m not sure what an alligator has to do with golf, but the ad put one in anyway. Art-wise, this was one of the more colorful ones to come out at the time for a game. Whoever drew this up had fun with it. This was also on the box cover.

This clever Frogger clone from 1982 by Russ Wetmore whose name actually appears prominently in the ad material, not a common thing back in those days, is more than just being about dodging hand-pushed reel mowers or drowning in a river by falling out of a boat when missing a jump. All to recover your golf balls.

You take on the role of a white-shirted, black panted preppie who has to recover his balls from an obstacle course of death in what is probably Hell’s golf course. Instead of a frog hopping from the bottom of the screen towards the top to wherever the golf ball is, you’re a dude who not only has to negotiate the deadly gauntlet to get the ball, but then has to make their way BACK to the starting point to score.

It was a clever twist on the formula which also came with a catchy tune and multiple levels of difficulty, some of the obstacles changing up to make things a little more interesting. The game came out for Atari 8-bit computers such as the 400, 800, XL, and XLE on a 5.25″ floppy or a cassette tape. Unfortunately, it also seems to not have taken off as well as Frogger, falling into relative obscurity.

It was also a different sort of game for Adventure International. Though it’s easy to think that Sierra On-Line or Infocom were the first out of the gate in bringing adventure games on personal computers, Adventure International was actually the first with the text adventure, Adventureland, in 1978. Adventure games were their bread and butter for years, so seeing something like Preppie! make the catalog was unusual.


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