Darksiders II and Sleeping Dogs

Apologies for the lack of updates, both games came out on Tuesday and I’ve been deep into both. So far, liking Sleeping Dogs as a sort of GTA-lite that fulfills a wish list option for an urban sandbox set in Hong Kong. If you’ve been waiting for Rockstar to do it, United Front has done a pretty decent job though there are one or two things that I would have liked in there. The melee combat takes a little getting used to – you can’t just Yakuza through it like a Sega gangbuster – but the more earthy and deliberate feel also makes it crunchy enough to step out as something tough and challenging enough to be fun. I kind of wish the game went all in on the Cantonese, though, like what Sega’s Yakuza did with its Japanese audio.

Darksiders II scored big with Michael Wincott voicing Death and earns addition points alongside Joe Madureira’s fantastic artwork giving the game’s visual punchy life. The loot system isn’t bad…it has that Diablo-esque randomness to it now that the first game didn’t and feeding gear to level certain ones up is a nice, inventory-clearing option. The action is brisque, challenging, and a tad glitchy in places (thank goodness for quick traveling out of getting stuck in the geometry). If you liked the first game, this one promises more fun vacation time in the world of Darksiders with impossibly huge people and ridiculously powered antagonists. Oh yes, and side quests! Lots of side quests.

I’ll still be hopping onto the way-back machine and hit up more retro goodness in between dodging triad choppers and looting chests aplenty, though, so stay tuned!


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