Memorable quote from the past…Tom Kalinske on whether Sega should just leave hardware and do software

“But hypothetically, if someone could make a hardware unit and get it into all of the homes in this country or into the vast majority of them, would we just want to be a software developer? You bet. But I think it’s going to be awhile before we see that.”

– Tom Kalinske, then-president of Sega of America in a 1996 interview with Next Generation on the Saturn

Kalinske was almost prophetic in saying this sixteen years ago. After the Saturn came the Dreamcast. And after that, as everyone knows, Sega finally threw in the towel on hardware.

Facing increasing competition from Sony who doubled up on their success with the Playstation with its sequel, the PS2, Sega’s Dreamcast would be buried beneath it as third-parties rushed onto the platform. Nowadays, software is all that Sega really does across the major consoles whether it’s Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, putting their games in every home thanks to their hardware.

Still, I love my Dreamcast. It’s still hooked up for a round of Tech Romancer, a spot of Record of Lodoss War, or a homebrew beat ’em up whenever I get the hankering for something a little different.

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