Walmart’s ad for Diablo 3

My brother tweeted this one and I had to take a snapshot before it’s changed however long that might take.

Anyway, it’s the online ad for Diablo 3 at Wal Mart. If the writeup sounds normal now, there’s a snapshot of it below that shows what it was (or might still be) like. It’s pretty bad, though not quite as amusing as when someone altered a listing at Sears to offer up a baby griller awhile back. And someone might be taking home a paycheck for doing this.

“Strategy Video Game”? “…has some similar setting as the Diablo II like Tristram.”? Wow. Just…wow.

UPDATE (5.12.2012): It looks like Walmart has finally changed the ad from mystery English to something a bit more appropriate.

Walmart - Diablo 3 snapshot

My grade school English teacher would have flunked me for this.


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