From the pages of the past! Ads of yesteryear – Power Stone

If you haven’t heard by now, Sony’s coming out with a brawler by the name of “Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale”. Developed by Superbot Entertainment, it’s a four-player fighter along the lines of another familiar title – Super Smash Brothers. In other words, players may get the chance to settle scores amongst several of Sony’s stars in a huge brawlfest of puglistic awesomeness pitting Kratos against Nathan Drake. Okay, that last technically shouldn’t work out since Kratos has lived as both a god and a Spartan. Still, anything goes in gaming!

One other game that might this concept may remind players about is a little title on the Dreamcast called “Power Stone” from Capcom in ’99 (though Super Smash Bros. for the N64 beat it by a few months). It differed from Super Smash in that it was third person in a fully 3D space filled with a number of pick-up weapons and other goodies.

So many hours were spent playing that when it first came out. A few friends and I were glued to the Dreamcast, battling over furniture, launchers, and anything else that we could use to beat each other down. And then there were the Power Stones that, if we collected enough of them during a fight without getting hit, would transform players into uber powerful versions of themselves with special attacks for a limited time.

I usually went in as Falcon whose power up turned him into a flying, Victorian-themed Iron Man, but the other characters were equally as fun and were nicely animated with their own particular attack styles. Power Stone featured a number of different stages and each character typically had their own ending which was something to be expected from a Capcom title.

Power Stone also had a sequel with Power Stone 2 which featured a few new characters and game modes to expand the multiplayer experience. The series also had its own anime. But as popular as the game was amongst its fans, it wasn’t enough to keep Capcom interested in churning out more of the games.

The ad featured Falcon screaming in…joy, maybe? Or feeling the power coursing through his body right before he turns into Victorian Iron Man. A few screenshots show off what the game looked like along with a few blurbs to sell players on how exciting it was.

This, and Tech Romancer, were among the stranger fighting titles I’ve had on the Dreamcast and both were a lot of fun from start to end. I’m not that much of a fan of fighting games in general, but I have to admit to having a lot of fun with this punchy alternative for hours on end either with friends or in trying to beat it myself. A great game and a proud Capcom classic!

Power Stone ad

Power Stone was all kinds of fun on the Dreamcast. All that juicy chaos straight from the arcade and into the living room.

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