From the pages of the past! Ads of yesteryear – Blood Money

One thing that Psygnosis was known for, aside from their arcade inspired games, was their amazingly surreal box art. Different artists worked on their covers such as Roger Dean throughout Psygnosis’ history and they were eye catching, amazingly fantastic pieces that conveyed as much strangeness as they did mystery.

Blood Money was a side scrolling shoot ’em up that made a huge splash on the Amiga because of its intro sequence and the soundtrack. The intro even featured a bit of speech that started “First, there was Menace. Now, Psygnosis presents. A DMA designed game.” before launching into a bit a techno asking “Where is the money?”. For something that came out of 1989, it was amazingly sophisticated stuff that still holds up today.

Four worlds awaited players and money was awarded for shooting down baddies, money that could be spent in shops on weapons similar to what Capcom would also do in Forgotten Worlds years later. It looked arcade perfect and was an amazingly sharp game.  It even had a small ending after fighting a boss.

So here’s the ad for Blood Money. If Shepard had this guy in Mass Effect, he’d probably be able to win the war all the way back in ME1. Romance options probably would have been out of the question, though.

Blood Money ad

This guy still looks more of hardass than some of the video gaming heroes that are around today


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