From the pages of the past! Ads of yesteryear – T2: The Arcade Game

One of the best movie-tie in games ever made! At least I thought it was.

Made by Midway in their heyday in ’91, the stand-up arcade game used two Uzi-shaped guns that allowed you and a friend to blast virtual terminators as a first-person T-800 on a big, juicy screen crammed with the digitized likeness of actors Eddie Furlong as John Connor and Robert Patrick as the nefarious T-1000. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s vocals have also been recorded for the game to talk a little smack in between mission segments as your score is tallied up. No problemo!

In ’92, it was ported to a whole slew of systems including the Genesis as the ad below gleefully announces. And it wasn’t a bad port, either. You could use the optional Menacer gun peripheral for the Genesis or use the controller to scroll the aiming reticle instead.

Probe really did a good job in capturing a lot of the action and making it easy to control with just a pad. Crunchy sound effects and even a little digitized speech have also made it over and the graphics aren’t half bad. The music has been retooled and it’s not as great as the arcade version. Everything else that matters, such as the actual gameplay, has made it over just fine.

The ad isn’t all that spectacular and uses a stretched screenshot as its blurry backdrop, but it gets the message across that this is “just like” the arcade game.

T2: The Arcade game ad



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