From the pages of the past! Ads of yesteryear – Contra 3: The Alien Wars

Tough. Beastly. Hardcore.

Those are only a few of the epithets leveled at Contra 3 for the SNES. This was the action packed sequel that made the most of the SNES’ capabilities using rotation, layered backdrops, sharper graphics, special effects, and a thumping soundtrack that kept pace with the Michael Bay-sized explosions and bosses. I loved this game when I played it and the co-op only made a great game even better.

It also has some of the craziest stages and bosses ever. There was the giant turtle boss at the start, the human terminator the size of a house, and a Sarlacc pit thing. One of the stages also has you hanging on missiles after jumping onto them from a hovercycle, and while hanging on said missiles, fighting a boss. It’s digital adrenaline.

So a game this big, especially in being a Contra game on the SNES with all of that Mode 7 goodness, needed an ad just as large. Three pages large.

Contra 3 ad Part 1

Get ready…

Contra 3 ad Part 2

…and BOOM. Michael Bay-sized BOOM.

Contra ad Part 3

Even the words are wreathed in flames burning the page from behind. Contra 3’s extremeness can’t be stopped on one page!


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