From the pages of the past! Ads of yesteryear – Sim City

Will Wright had designed the action strategy game, Raid on Bungling Bay, and discovered that he loved making the maps that players would be flying over in their attack choppers. The tool that he used to make the maps provided the designer with ideas on where else he could take his interest as he continued to develop it. The result was Sim City in ’89.

And people loved it. The idea of playing a godlike architect building a city from nothing, watching its pieces run together in a meticulously crafted model, and having it create enough challenges to ground its gameplay roots proved to be a winning formula that would go on to become a crown jewel in Maxis’, and eventually EA’s, crown.

The “sim” genre was born almost overnight thanks to this game in much the way the FPS genre exploded thanks to id’s Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. Today, the series continues to live on with “The Sims”, the expansion packs, and every other game that has tried to take their own unique stab on the formula started on the pixel filled streets of Will Wright’s digital toybox.

This particular ad wasn’t shy about the accolades lauding its well-deserved greatness.

Ad - Sim City

Few expected that a game built around urban planning would be this fun. Or create a sandbox genre of creativity that is still incredibly popular today.


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