The Last Story finally arrives!

Ordered “The Last Story” from the UK a few weeks ago and snagged the CE version which comes with a premium soundtrack, art book, and a steelbook case. Between this and ME3, should be a very busy couple of weeks. Can’t wait!

This is what the packaging inside looked like before I took everything out. The plastic wrapped booklet you see "below" Elements of the Last story is a multi-language manual compilation. The manual that comes with the game (in the white case) is in English.

The Last Story CE contents
And here’s everything from the box. Starting at the top left: Multi-language manual booklet, the actual game in the regular retail case, the steelbook (empty), the art booklet, and the premium soundtrack.
The Last Story - Steelbook interior

Here's the inside of the steelbook case.

The Last Story - Art book excerpt

A shot of the art book. This is the concept art for Calista, one of the main protagonists of the story.

And part of what Hironobu Sakaguchi leaves with his fans from the art book. I love the drawn-in sketches forming the backdrop.

The Last Story - Steelbook filled

And finally, here's the steelbook now packed with goodness.


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