From the pages of the past! Ads of yesteryear – Questron

To celebrate “The Last Story’s” arrival into my hands, let’s take a trip back to ’84 with an ad from SSI for Questron!

SSI is arguably well known for its incredibly vast catalog of war gaming titles that focused on everything from the Civil War to “what-ifs” of the Third World War. But, they had also put down the nuclear detonators and bayonets on occasion to dabble in CRPGs.

Questron would herald SSI’s jump into fantasy role-playing. It was eventually be followed not only by a sequel, but a host of other notable CRPGs – Phantasie, Wizard’s Crown, Rings of Zilfin, Realms of Darkness, and the dungeon crawling Gemstone Warrior among others. All that was before landing their lucrative license with TSR for AD&D.

Questron used a top down view for towns and the overworld all of which was explored as a solo dungeon crawler eventually destined for greatness. You also had to worry about things like food. Not having enough usually meant becoming food for something else. Dungeons were seen in first-person and used the grid-based movement scheme common in those days complete with 90 degree turns.

The interesting thing about this ad is that it presented itself as a movie poster even going so far as to give a faux rating of “PG” which stood for “Positively Great”. Again, no screenshots, but the style is certainly fun to look at.

Questron ad

Though arguably not as well known as Origin Systems today, SSI was still able to boast its own considerable CRPG library prior to the lasting fame that Gold Box series of AD&D titles would give it later on.

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