A few thoughts on Syndicate

Syndicate screenshot

Syndicate will have you raiding labs and shooting innocent technicians before they can cash in their 401ks.

It would have been nice to see a true RTS sequel, but Starbreeze’s FPS take isn’t bad. What surprised me most were the reams of text fleshing out its world and the fine detail of the visuals as long as the bloom didn’t blind me every time I looked up at a light source. But those details… Part of me wishes that this were just as intense as Deus Ex: Human Revolution, or a full blown RTS/RPG hybrid of some kind. It just seems wasted on a six to seven hour single player campaign.

Single player is okay – nothing too crazy – and it’s pretty standard stuff aside from the upgrade system which adds a few nice wrinkles to the gameplay. Where the game is best at, though, is the multiplayer which is a blast with others. It’s easy to hit up the upgrade paths and you don’t have to grind too much, but I’m a little concerned over its longevity.

Other than that, not a bad game. You can check out my writeup on Tech-Out for a bit more detail if want to grind through that instead.


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