The -insert your favorite designer/series- Collection

Siliconera passes along an article where it was reported that GRIN had canceled a Strider remake that was in the works. Though I didn’t think their remake of Bionic Commando was that great, I didn’t hate it as much as others seemed to have. It was tough in its own way and I have to admit, when things worked well together, it was fun.

But I also got to thinking on Strider and its history, on how nice it would be to have a new game in the series and then have it include both the first and second Striders including Osman – Kouichi Yotsui’s unofficial Strider sequel. Unfortunately, we’ll probably never see Osman in a collection other than MAME which has preserved it outside of its original ROM hardware.


Osman's Strider-ties flow through its Arabesque setting, though as far as I know, it has never come home to consoles in the same way Yotsui's classic has.

It also made me think of the Criterion Collection’s Kurosawa DVDs and why games don’t have that. Wouldn’t it be great to have the same thing for someone like Hideo Kojima collecting Snatcher, Policenauts, and the first Metal Gear into some kind of “cyber” collection? Or a “Miyamoto’s Classics” collection compiling some of his most revolutionary hits? Sure, the controls may have to be changed to fit on one console, but if done right, I think fans would go crazy over something like that.

There are also a host of issues that can make it difficult. In the case of slapping Osman into a Strider compilation, the Mitchell Corporation is still around, but I would guess that they and Capcom would have to come to some kind of agreement in splitting whatever duties are required to make the compilation work.

That, and in today’s market, a compilation like that would probably work better as a downloadable title than as a full blown disc-based game. As much as I love Strider, I have to accept that there is probably not enough enthusiasm out there to justify the cost that either company might want to invest into a niche product.

Though for big name games, they can work out with a lot of success. Nintendo has also done compilations before and Konami’s most recent MGS collection is a big hit.

Still, it would be nice to see such a collection made possible to celebrate a specific designer’s work. The collections from Sega, Capcom, and Taito are great efforts in helping to make their history available to generations of new gamers. Perhaps one day, putting together the best works of gaming’s own Kurosawas will be made easier and open the door even wider to a new generation of fans as our hobby continues to mature.

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