No Vita for me, probably for a long time

I have a PSP 1000 and a Nintendo DS. Both normally collect dust though the PSP is getting a little play because of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

That’s the big reason why I haven’t jumped onboard the Vita bandwagon. That and the abhorrent pricing on their proprietary memory cards alongside the restrictions Sony has placed on them. What else am I going to use those cards for? My Sony camera? I can’t because the two are incompatible. For that price, I could get a 500GB SATA drive for my PC. Or stick that in an external enclosure and use it as a backup for everything else including my PS3 should I decide to migrate to a larger drive.

Aside from Gravity Rush, there isn’t a whole lot on the Vita right now that is drawing me in. I’m having enough trouble keeping up with my backlog so I don’t need another system where I might only briefly play a few games .

But when people say that it’s “doomed”, I don’t think it is. It’ll have some respectable sales, though I can also see their point. Introducing a new piece of hardware at the time when the PSP is still around and in a year where the Wii U is expected to come in is a risky step to make. I have a feeling that those factors will shave a few sales off from the top. That and a lot of people are gaming more and more with the mobile devices that they already have.

There’s already enough gaming to be had on the PS3, Xbox 360, and my PC. And when I usually go out and about, I’d rather listen to music and absorb the scenery around me than engage a quest against the latest foozle to threaten peace and joy. That stuff I reserve for later when I’m at home.

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