Gamestop does it again

Gamestop gets stupid again

So, this sale ran this weekend....

And people wonder why Gamestop gets some of the hate that it does and why Ebay, Craigslist, or just buying the game off of a friend instead are better alternatives to going to their so-called bargain bins. But the alternatives are doing little to stem Gamestop’s used-sales domination of its bottom line.

It’s no secret that Gamestop’s used game prices have always been thinly veiled gouging exercises of the customer’s wallet. Their earnings report in August last year indicated that their biggest profits now come from used game sales.

I also can’t help but think that some of the backlash against the trend of Online Passes on console games is due to the gouging that Gamestop engages in. Let’s face it: they’re convenient spots to buy used games at, although Best Buy is dipping its toes into that market as well.

Buying an OP for a game that might need it could be more appealing if the prices weren’t so often close to the “near new” price that they hover near at a place like Gamestop. For many people, their stores are the only real local alternative so there’s no way around that.

At least Gamefly understands that whenever they hold one of their sales to clear inventory. And they even include new codes.

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