U Mad at MK?

I leave my volume on only for people on my Friends list on Xbox Live because of the cesspool of pre-school  herp derp that is almost a banner standard when it comes to playing in a popular multiplayer game. There’s enough noise in the world without having to hear the unsupervised ignorance of someone’s spoiled child raping their headset with homophobic racism. But thanks to the miracle of modern technology, it’s also easy to post things like this slice of furious anger.

The person who captured the vid sent another gamer an Xbox Live text message saying “GG” which means “Good Game”. It’s being courteous to the other gamer, something that goes way back to early games on the PC. When text was the only way to go in talking to each other, saying “GG” was seen as being a good sport – even if you did lose.

On the other side of the coin, it could also be interpreted as being a snide attempt at sarcasm. It’s hard to tell when there’s only text.

Apparently the player exposed in the video below raged over being told “GG” after getting beaten in Mortal Kombat, but he took it to a new level by sending a barrage of voice messages.

Mortal Kombat = serious business.


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