Titanic Japanese Final Fantasy Collection up for grabs

Siliconera reports on a huge Final Fantasy collection being Ebay’ed for the primo price of $15,000. But this isn’t any ordinary collection, it looks like the entire Japanese run of Final Fantasy from the Famicom era up to FF XIII on the PS3.

The asking price still seems high, but it probably would have been worse if these were the Western FF releases – especially if they’ve been ambiguously “graded”. Still, it also looks like the seller kept everything – boxes and inserts all – and has a few hardware pieces in the mix. Even though he points out much of it is used, it’s in remarkably good condition from what the pics show.

Historically, I’ve seen many Japanese titles go for significantly less than their Western counterparts, one reason being due to having so many of them available in the Far East. But that still doesn’t detract from the sheer awesome of all of this and there are a few gems buried here.

Some of the special Final Fantasy hardware in this collection are also going to be commanding a pretty penny. Though the Crystal Chronicles custom Gamecube doesn’t seem that rare, the collection also includes the FFXIII “Lightning” edition of the PS3 which does go for something of a premium.

A quick search shows the Lightning PS3 going for the big asking price of  $1,000 and it just goes up from there which seems reasonable with a collector’s item, especially considering where the price initially started from. When the console went up for sale in Japan, it went from its initial starting price of $530 USD to $700 USD because of how Square Enix allocated them making it harder to get.

The pearl white Gameboy Advance for Final Fantasy Tactics also looks like another gem in this collection. There’s even an Advent Children Complete PS3 (the “Cloud Black” console) up for grabs. It initially sold for as low as $500 USD and has gone up a hundred or so up on auction since then.

It’s a nice stroll through the history of FF’s Japanese releases all in one place, so be sure to check out this fantastic collection.

From the auction - the Famicom and Super Famicom releases of Final Fantasy

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