Modern Warfare 3 set to wreck New York…and Paris…and some city in Germany…

It’s only been a month or so since Crysis 2 took giant bites out of the Big Apple with aliens, but it looks like the Russians will be the ones squeezing the juice out of it with heavy weaponry in Modern Warfare 3. The new trailer ends ominously with “WW3” meaning that things go from bad to much much worse following what happened in MW2.

I just hope the story makes a lot more sense in this one than it did in the last game which had Russian soldiers parachuting in from aircraft that apparently flew over the North Pole, or across Europe and the Atlantic Ocean without refueling to get to Washington DC. I know, I know…it’s an FPS, the story doesn’t really matter too much, but it can only stretch credibility so far before it starts feeling like an international episode of the Three Superpowers. Yet it’ll have a lot of FPS action and that’s all anyone really looks forward to with the series anyway. That and the having more multiplayer to plow through with a batch of new maps.

I’ll be more interested to see just how having so many cooks in the kitchen will help, or hinder, the game. At last count, we had a new studio called Sledgehammer on the job, a rebuilt Infinity Ward, and Raven Software. Sledgehammer is a new variable – they’re so spanking clean that they don’t have any published games to their company name yet. I’m sure the individuals in the dev house have titles under their belt, but they’re the big unknown right now.

Infinity Ward is still alive despite the massive exodus of employees following the firings of co-founders Vince Zampella and Joe West last year. Activision “reconstructed” the studio, but it remains to be seen how that might affect Modern Warfare 3. I’m thinking it won’t, unless you keep up with this kind of news on a daily basis and that knowing this is a different Infinity Ward affects what you think of the game.

Raven Software is a known quantity – their single player chops are solid, such as what they recently did with Singularity and Wolfenstein. With the multiplayer, it’s hit or miss but often not as strong as the single player. Still, I like their stuff and enjoyed both. If they have anything to do with how the single-player is being planned out and executed, expect a solid palette of action set pieces and a story that doesn’t seem filled with holes large enough to sail the Admiral Kuznetsov through.

Then again, Battlefield seems to be following the same tack if you follow the events in the Bad Company series making both franchises responsible for versions of WW3 that involve furious, ultranationalist Russians. At the very least, Bad Company doesn’t have Magic Russian Logistics.

But the big question is…who will players vote for with their wallets? Modern Warfare 3? Or Battlefield 3? Ultranationalist Russians? Or Middle Eastern Earthquakes? Or maybe both for an FPS overload sundae?

Oh yeah. It’s on.


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