PSN may claim another victim: Brink

So tomorrow will see another group of game releases, but the one I think will hurt the most from the PSN debacle will be Brink. For most of its marketing life, Brink has been pushed as a new way to play multiplayer and what do you need for it? A network. Like PSN.

It’ll be interesting to see how sales of Brink on the PS3 are affected by the PSN blackout, or if an eager beaver out there pushes a review of the game without covering the MP side of it and promises to “revisit” it later when everything is okay. Or if a game site does what some others have in posting the same review for both copies of the game regardless of platform.

The Xbox 360 should have a good selection of reviews covering both sides of the game, but I’m curious to see if anyone will be able to responsibly cover the game knowing that their audience on the PS3 will be unable to even experience live MP for themselves. I guess time will tell. As for me, I’m checking to see if I can snag the Xbox 360 version for myself. Not because the platform is necessarily better, but because I know Live is working.

Multiplayer looks cool, but PS3 folks might be left out in the cold until PSN actually returns.

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