Nintendo finally lets us know everyone already knows

It was only a matter of time, but it looks like Nintendo has finally revealed that they’ve got a new console in the works. And it’s going to be coming out in 2012.

MCV has a story in which they note that Nintendo has more or less let this slip in their earnings report. E3 this year will be seeing more of the new console and it will apparently be in playable form. Though we might only see demos for the few titles that might be there, I’m expecting that they’ll be the kind that show it off in the best light to  kindle the kind of expectations that will drive everyone to it next year. If it has a new version of Kid Icarus on it, aside from the 3DS version, I’ll be in line.

So will it finally have as much hardcore potential as it did with casual players? Or will we see just another continuation of the kind of shovelware that have dragged its average library worth into the gutter on Metacritic, leaving only its first-tier offerings and a plethora of health-related games as its only gems? I guess we’ll need to wait a few years to find out but I hope not.


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