PSN still down. Thank goodness for single player.

Sony has admitted to having their security compromised by an “external intrusion“, taking their services offline in order to presumably investigate the problem and make sure whatever it was doesn’t happen again.

Personally, it’s no biggie to me. I have enough single-player love in the games that I have to make it a non-issue. I could always head back to Yakuza 4 or a retro-title like Chrono Cross to pass the time. Still, that’s little solace for anyone else that actually has invested money into the service with a PSN Plus membership or have cash lying in a PSN account for use in the Marketplace.

This also wasn’t the best week for it to happen. Mortal Kombat just came out and with the service down, PS3 player’s haven’t been able to Babality each other out there outside of the AI.

Hopefully Sony will have all this straightened out soon and give us some idea of what had happened. Given how secretive they are, though, we probably won’t get an explanation – just a nice note saying that PSN is back for business.

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