Only in Japan – A cat RPG

I did some surfing on Nico Nico and found footage of an RPG where you play a cat – but not just any ordinary cat. You don’t earn experience from getting pat on the head, eating your chow, learning tricks, or purring to your master’s content. You do it by killing monsters by the truckload.

As a sacred cat, you get spells, equipment, and dialogue. It looks like an action RPG in the same vein as the most recent Ys titles where you can just mash the button and awesome things just seem to happen though the manual suggests starting the game on “Easy” to get a feel for it. Since some of the other videos show off boss fights with bullet-hell style attacks, I think that’s actually good advice.

Anyway, the name of the game is Neko Takashi 2. You can hit up a page for it here. It’s all in Japanese, though finding the download link is as easy as scrolling to the bottom.

I’d embed the video but Nico Nico Douga links don’t quite work the same way that Youtube ones do, so I have screenshots to tantalize you with instead. I managed to track down a copy of the game but it doesn’t work, either – not sure why it doesn’t, but I’m guessing it’s because of a file that doesn’t come up correctly on my Western PC.

The rough story I was able to get from translating what I could find (the author’s main site was down, but the manual comes with the game) was that something went wrong with a summoning spell and now, as a sacred cat, you must set things right by destroying monsters and saving the world. So check out the pics to see what a magic cat would do.

Stats, levels, goodies...everything a sacred cat could ever need to help save the world

Stats, levels, goodies...everything a sacred cat could ever need to help save the world


A fight in an icy cave


Pushing around a crystal ball


A monster bison killed the cat, but this cat brought him back


A mighty boss battle, bullet hell, and spells everywhere. Can our hero cat win (he does)?


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