The day after April Fools

Yesterday, quite a few sites got into the spirit of April Fools. Here are a few that I thought were pretty funny:

  • The Huffington Post reports on LinkedIn pranking users with “impossible connections” to people like Dr. Watson and Albert Einstein.
  • ArenaNet pokes fun at modern FPS’s by introducing a “Commando” class for their upcoming fantasy MMO, Guild Wars 2. Apache helicopters versus a giant, elemental spewing dragon? Flash bangs? It’s not real, but it is hilarious.
  • Not to be outdone, Blizzard comes out with another annual treat in Crabby, a “Dungeon Helper” that offers up hints and commentary to help players – much like Clippy used to do with Microsoft Office years ago.
  • Splash Damage, developers currently working on Brink, pokes plenty of fun at social gaming, FPSes, and Facebook all at once in their page for Tapir Wars. Of all of the jokes out there, this has to be my favorite one. It even talks about a “TRAM system” which could be a subtle reference to one of the most popular maps to come out for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Tram Siege, which they had designed years ago for PCs. Free maps. Those were the days.

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