Mech Combat that isn’t Mechwarrior

Activision’s Mechwarrior series was the yardstick that most PC players would lovingly point to as one of the best iterations of giant robot smashing. Others would come later such as Heavy Gear and SHOGO. Consoles would also get their own with games such as Front Mission, Steel Battalion, and a watered down version of Mechwarrior designed for the Xbox.

There hasn’t been too many of these lately, other than a few such as Front Mission Evolved, Chromehounds, or the Dynasty Warriors-esque Gundam series from Koei. But here’s a little something from indie developer Adhesive Games Ltd. working with the Unreal Engine. It’s a multiplayer mech combat game that has that dirty future look of lived in machines and cluttered backdrops – and it looks really good for something still in the works.

Check out the cockpit HUD. While many FPS games try to minimize it, it looks like they’re sticking to keeping a little realism in place with a cockpit view. Throw in lots of explosions, metal shearing sound effects, tactical mech gameplay, thundering gunfire, and it’s shaping up into something that could scratch a little of that iron fatigue.

Can’t wait to see more of what these guys have planned. Check out some of the new footage on “Hawken” below, or their mech-themed site here.


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