Retro Map Pack Breaks Killzone 3?

At least it does with the multiplayer. Seems that quite a few people that install the Retro Map Pack are stuck in either map when the round ends. The rotation stops and voting is disabled. The only way I’ve read so far to fix this is to manually pick which maps you want to play on from the menu and go from there.

I’ve had to do that myself after getting tired of seeing the same map over and over again and having half the team disappear because they’re thinking the same thing.

Blood Gracht and Salamun Market are the two culprits, both of which were from KZ2 and updated for KZ3. They’re okay maps, a little on the pricey side unless you did the pre-order incentive deal from Gamestop or drank enough Slurpees at 7-11. I’m sure that Guerrilla Games is hard at work trying to patch this, but where was their Q&A? It’s not the first time DLC has broken something, but you’d think that a monkeywrench this obvious had to have been noticed by someone before hitting the servers.


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