Elevator Action is a…gun game?!

Remember Elevator Action from the arcades? I dumped a lot of tokens into that game growing up and had a blast playing a “secret agent” guy that had to go from floor to floor, fighting bad guys and finding the secret documents before making their big escape. Now that was a lot of fun.

A little more than thirty years later after the first game debuted in ’83 (a sequel had also come out and the old original seemed to turn up in arcades no matter how many years after its debut giving players like me a chance to play it), Taito’s updated the game. It’s now a gun game in the same league as Terminator 2’s stand up or Time Crisis, but with a neat twist.

From the footage below, a small screen is hidden by sliding panels – like elevator doors – which open up when a new floor is presumably reached. The player then has to shoot their way through the action from the “elevator” while the sliding panels shift as they aim at enemies. It’s the kind of mechanical inventiveness that arcades tend to specialize in.

Arcades…yeah. Have you seen one around lately outside of Japan that isn’t closing? Anyway, here’s some footage on what it’s like.


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