Redline can’t get here soon enough

I was just checking up on what the anime landscape was going to look like this year and was reminded that Madhouse Studios’ Redline is slated to come out in selected theaters here in the States. Finally!

But, given my luck, it probably won’t be in a theater that’s even remotely near me unless I lived in a big city like Los Angeles. If you don’t know what “Redline” is, it’s being directed by Takeshi Koike who was a part of the production staff for some of my favorites like the incomplete Cyber City Oedo and the incredible Ninja Scroll.

As for what the movie itself is about, it’s a race that takes place once every five years in the far future. Only the best can participate and there’s one driver in particular whose explosive, crash-prone endings have everyone wondering whether his luck will hold out long enough for him to survive to the finish line.

Judging from the trailer, though, and the early buzz, it sounds like its fresh look and over-the-top approach is just what we’ve been waiting for. Honestly, after so many of these “school oriented” dramas and super powered student tracts that seem to be the only thing coming out of Japan nowadays, it’s nice to see something that might be a little different.

Check out the trailer for a taste of what to expect.


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