Done…I’ve got a 217GB PS3

Finally installed the hard drive using the handy instructions from the manual and a few tips from the ‘net from others that had done it. They weren’t kidding when they said that the screws holding the drive in place were easy to strip. I almost did that with one of the screwdrivers I had so I had to hunt around some more for another one with an even smaller Phillips head. And those screws were pretty tight so I still had to be careful even with the right screwdriver.

After taking out the drive and putting the new one in, I restored all of my backed up data which took a little over an hour and half to do. But once it was done, my PS3 reported that it had around 217GB free. It’s a 320GB drive that I put in there, so I had to factor in the size of my backup and the overheard lost due to other factors like the filesystem being used as well as the theoretical size vs. the actual available.

Now I can finally download that demo for Yakuza 3 before its release next week…along with Final Fantasy XIII. Ouch.


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