Dark Void Finished…

I also finished up Dark Void earlier this month. It had a lot of potential…I love the 30’s vibe they had going on with the Rocketeer look as well as some of the action, but it felt as if it ran out of steam towards the end with a few odd sequences that weren’t so much fun as boring. The worst offender? The escort mission for the Ark through enemy territory. Was all of that shooting galleriness necessary?

I guess I’m more saddened by the fact that because this was crafted by many of the same people that put together Crimson Skies, my expectations were higher than many others and for that reason, it’s disheartening to see the response that it has been getting. It’s got some decent ideas and great scenes…climbing up the remnants of a rusting freighter hanging on the edge of a cliff was an incredible sequence…but not enough to make it feel as if it were worthwhile.

Soundtrack is awesome, though. Bear McCreary’s work on it is amazing stuff, especially if you remember what he did with the Battlestar Galactica reboot on Sci-Fi (now SyFy…really? Sy…nevermind). You can even buy it if you want to put it next to your Rocketeer CD. I know you have one.

The main character was all sorts of cool. See those gloved fingers? They animated those, too. I just wish there was more of an interesting game built around him and the concepts he came with.


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