Dammit Dark Void…freezing AGAIN?!

Sorry I haven’t been posting as often, but I’m still here although a lot of things have been keeping me pretty busy. But just wanted to post a blurb on fantastic freezes that Dark Void shipped with. When I have to repeat a mission four or five times because it locks the console up close to the end, I get upset. And it’s not my Xbox 360, either, since it plays everything else just fine. And I’m not alone. Reviewers have also been reporting the same issues which are apparently shared by the PS3.

It’s not as if the game was that great to begin with which is probably the most disappointing thing since some of the devs behind the game are also responsible for Crimson Skies. But at least make sure that the game works before it’s released. Even the brilliantly awful Rogue Warrior manages to work long enough for me to play towards the end.

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