Review: Bionic Commando for the Xbox 360

Bionic Commando on the NES was one of my favorite adventure games featuring a crazy story involving Badds and a guy with the title of Generalissimo. The final boss’ name was “Master-D” and instead of spinning records, he was an exploding head that looked suspiciously like Hitler. Years later, I found out that WAS supposed to be Hitler, but thanks to localization tweaks, it was changed to the name of someone that might have been been on MTV.

Bionic Commando's come a long way since this came out more than two decades ago

Bionic Commando's come a long way since this came out more than two decades ago.

So here we are with not one, but two games based off of Capcom’s controversial, head asploding title. One, Bionic Commando: Rearmed, is a remake of the NES game which, itself, was actually based off of the original arcade version without so much story behind it. And now we’ve got the full console treatment with…Bionic Commando.

The Commando has been updated with a gritty attitude and dreads to match, but the story is still reminiscent of the badly translated version that we were treated to in the States. And he’s in 3D. The polished controls go far in making you feel like a swinging hero without boundaries, but there are a few short circuits in this bionic production inducing enough frustration to question whether it was worth the pain of having to go through it all.

So here’s the field report from this operation for anyone interested in the details. Not quite the tear jerking return that I was expecting, but the eighties-style charm is hard to resist if you like that kind of thing.


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