E3: Saboteur still looks fantastic

Sure, it’s a WW2 game, but a WW2 free-roaming city game with sneaking elements and assassinations instead of endless truckloads of Nazis pouring out of houses and cars in FPS mode. Well, it might have a little of that last part, but from what I’ve seen of EA’s new game from Pandemic, I’m eager to see what the final results are going to be like. Pandemic’s responsible for the Mercenaries titles, too, and after playing through Merc 2, I can’t wait to see how they leverage some of that expertise into a covert take on WW2 in Paris.

At E3, they showed off more of the game and explained more of the mechanics behind the gameplay with a sabotage mission against an ammo dump and after waiting for this game ever since it was announced a few years ago, it’s one of my most anticipated titles for the year.

This will not end well

This will not end well.


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