Some of what I saw and learned at E3

It’s already a week after E3, but all of the writing that I’ve been doing in the past few days for other assignments have left me feeling almost as exhausted as it was when I took the plane back home. Still, it was an exciting time out there filled with a lot to see, do, and people to meet and hang out with. A great time all around that I wouldn’t trade for anything else, but it was also partially work related as I had to write about most of the stuff that I had gotten in to see.

That said, here are some of things I learned (and saw) at this year’s E3:

  • conference cafeteria food will still rob you blind, but not if you brought your own food; granola bars are awesome for this…small, compact, and keeps you on the go.
  • on Monday, Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft had their conferences: the line queuing at Ubisoft was pretty insane; what was even more odd was that some of us had gotten our nametags with the wrong company, so I ended up working at Gametrailers instead of who I signed up with. We suspected that an Excel sheet sort function had fubar’ed this somewhere, but it was still kind of amusing to see who else everyone had ended up with. Ubisoft had a great conference, though.
  • there were a lot of posters available from nearly everyone; had to make a mental note to carry a poster around at the END of the day
  • on the last day in the final hour, I stood in line for the last of the free Battlefield 1943 handouts along with everyone else and learned what my feet were willing to put up with for a game
  • booth babes were there but there weren’t brigades of them out in as much force as they were the last time I was at E3 before the ban; Cosplayers take note of Bayonetta:
Bayonetta in the flesh

Bayonetta in the flesh. What this picture doesn't capture is the perpetual crowd around her near Sega's booth.

  • aside from the booth babes, there was a lot of other things to see on the floor including the small museum that Square-Enix had also set up on the floor showing these off:
The Judge, Gabranth, from FFXII

One of the Judges, this one is Gabranth, from FFXII

A collection of figure prototypes for FFXIII

A collection of figure prototypes for FFXIII

Lightning, the heroine of FFXIII. Sorry about the lighting on this one.

Lightning, the heroine of FFXIII. Sorry about the lighting on this one.

A statuette of Lenneth, the heroine of Valkyrie Profile.

A statuette of Lenneth, the heroine of Valkyrie Profile.

  • it has been about ten or so years since I was able to head back out for E3, this time as press, so the atmosphere was a lot different than I remember it from the Dreamcast and PS2 days. For one, only those with the proper industry credentials were allowed in to keep the numbers down so it wasn’t a massive crowd fest that I had remembered from way back.
  • Scribblenauts is probably the most underrated game ever. Everyone’s focused on God of War III (which does look like a lot of fun) and other titles like Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brutal Legend, all of which look great. But Scribblenauts left me with a very real smile on my face for simply being…Scribblenauts. Nintendo DS owners are in for a real treat when it finally comes out. Remember to try Cthulhu! Longcat works, too.
  • having a cell phone with text capabilities is clutch
  • press areas were great decompression zones; the parties afterwards also very much so
  • massive props to the AGI crew and the girls from Gaming Angels!

I got to play quite a few titles while there and by the time the third day rolled around, I could only imagine how exhausted everyone else was feeling who had to work those booths. Great conference, at least from my perspective.


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