Rolling with 50 Cent’s Blood on the Sand on the 360

I wanted to play something new on the 360 and this was what I went with and it was a lot more enjoyable that I thought it might have been. I heard, and read, how the last game was critically crucified for its awful gameplay, but this one actually came off a lot better thanks in part to new developer, Swordfish Studios, who seem to have borrowed tried-and-true elements from the third-person gameplay trend sparked, in part, by Gears of War.

If you’re looking at an arcade-style action game that asks you to park your brain while letting your adrenaline do all of the talking, you really can’t go too wrong with 50 Cent’s newest game, Blood on the Sand. As incredibly unbelievable as the story is about a hip hop artist bringing down trained mercenaries in a Middle Eastern locale with everything from pistols to rocket launchers, the game is actually a lot of fun. F-bombs abound in the dialogue along with a gratuitous body count make this feel like a cross between an 80’s action flick and old-school MTV videos shot around South Central…you know, when MTV used to actually show music videos.

Fun game, great as a rental, and it has co-op. I don’t even listen to his music (not that it made the game hard to play through…I’ll generally listen to most anything) but 50 Cent’s celebrity gamesmanship has actually paid off this time around making it simply a fun slice of entertainment. I don’t think I’ve had this much fun with a game catering to as much musical fanservice since Aerosmith’s arcade debut. Journey’s game wasn’t bad, only bizarre.

You can check out my digital graffiti on the game here.

No, it doesn't take place in LA

No, it doesn't take place in LA

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