Goodbye from 3D Realms

And it’s official. 3D Realms bids goodbye to its fans with a photo featuring the team on their official site here with Duke holding the fort against the back wall.

Almost as a reply to the end of the studio, along with the artwork and renders now circulating on the ‘net, more stuff is on its way in. Courtesy of, two more artists, Mark Skelton and Randy Forsyth, have posted samples of the work that they’ve done for the game and just recently, new video featuring the assets of the game in motion has also been leaked.

Super-fansite Duke4 seems to be taking point in providing more of the news surrounding 3D Realms and what is left of Duke Nukem Forever, linking to downloadable versions of the demo video that was leaked as well as promising to build a media page dedicated to all of that goodness. They also have a writeup on what the picture might be on why 3D Realms had to shutter its doors, and if true, one can’t help but draw some parallels between the storied developer and that of Flagship in wanting to hold onto their IP.

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