Broken Steel pulled for PCs

Somehow I’m not surprised?

I was all ready to download Broken Steel, the DLC add-on for Fallout 3, when I couldn’t find it on Games for Windows Live. Digging a little deeper, I hit the forums on Bethesda’s site and discovered that it was pulled because of issues. Although not everyone has run into these, quite a few vocal users are more than happy to share their stories.

What issues? How about the GFWL DRM breaking the DLC as VG247 reports? Achievements not working? The DLC simply not activating? The official forum is filled with these stories and more. One poster has even gone so far as to say that Broken Steel is a “Broken Steal”. Aside from the linked reply on VG247, Bethesda’s official site has been quiet about the user complaints piling up in their forums.

At this point, I’m just waiting for the download like everyone else, but after the Pitt, you’d think that Bethesda and Microsoft would realize that something simply isn’t working right, or that Q&A has to take a harder look at what is going on. The only download that I didn’t have these kinds of issues with was Operation: Anchorage and the solution to my problem with that was an easy copy-paste to another directory.

Dropping GFWL might not be so easy, either, given the integration with Fallout 3, so calls to have Bethesda simply go another route may not be as simple as picking a new content provider from the short list.

I guess we’ll wait and see what happens next, but I’m not holding my breath. Time to burn a little time with more Thunder Force VI.

As you can see, our newest Super Mutant, the Overlord, epitomizes our focus on crushing into bloody paste and then pulverizing them some more just to be safe.

PC users revolt against GFWL, demanding that Bethesda drop the service and choose something else. Like Steam, Stardock, or back to the old way of doing things like they did with Morrowind.


One response to “Broken Steel pulled for PCs

  1. I was also saddened by this, but like you, not surprised at all. I’m actually one of the few people who likes Games for Windows Live, but if it’s causing this much trouble, then yeah, they should probably get rid of it.

    Nice blog, by the way!

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