Mr. T has no pity for Nazis

In a small bit of strangeness, remember Zootfly? They’re the developer that put out a number of teaser trailers last year showing off their own take on the Ghostbusters using tech that they had put together, and the trailers looked fantastic.

Well, it wasn’t to be since they were unable to get the actual license. Ironically, their work helped Sierra Entertainment and developer, Terminal Reality, with their own proposal to Sony who then awarded the license to them instead after seeing the positive reaction Zootfly’s work had on the gaming public.

But Zootfly isn’t a one trick dev house and their latest idea sounds just as awesome…pitting Mr. T against the Nazis with the help of SimGod, Will Wright.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Mohawk Media had published a graphic novel based on the former A-Team member whose first chapter is available on their official site for everyone from the eighties to see just what he has been up to since running from the government. It casts Mr. T as the greatest bodyguard in the world and pits him against evil forces determined to do some kind of wrong that only he can put a stop to.

But his greatest fight might be in the game that Zootfly is planning around the Mohawked strongman which you can read a little of on their own site. The game that he’s planning to star in will pit him against Nazis and have him star beside Will Wright who is cast as a genius geneticist. And now Bluesnews reports that Joystiq also has an interview with Zootfly discussing the game and it’s just as bizarre as the concept.

I’m kind of surprised that a game like this is even in the planning stages. It just sounds too crazy to work. The only thing that would probably be better would be a game like Mercenaries with a wide open world like that found in Far Cry 2, and all of the craziness of Crackdown starring the A-Team and their indestructible van. But that will probably never happen, so a Mr. T game fighting Nazis is just as awesome if not seriously strange.

Then again, players have been rescuing princesses from castles and fighting mushrooms and giant apes with plumbers for nearly three decades, so hey, why can’t finding giant gold chains and using them as special weapons be as fun?

You know what would be better? A game like Mercenaries with wide open worlds like Far Cry 2, and all of the craziness of Crackdown starring the A-Team. But that will probably never happen, so a Mr. T game fighting Nazis is just as awesome.

Maybe the members of the A-Team could be hidden characters in the game. Or maybe they'll be DLC later for 800 Microsoft Points.

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