G.I. Joe Resolute packs in cartoon entertainment for the adults that remember the 80s

Adult Swim has begun broadcasting the ten webisodes for G.I. Joe: Resolute, a much harder take on the franchise, taking place between the era of “A Real American Hero” and the film.

And when I mean “much harder”, I mean that iconic characters are dying left and right, explosions kill whoever is stupid enough to trip the booby trap, and enemies fight to the bitter end. Blood is spent in nearly every webisode so far and its not the violence that makes the series, its the fact that it isn’t shying away from the reality that it brings to the table. It’s G.I. Joe for those of us that have grown up since the 80’s and its a fantastic way to get us talking about it again. After the japanime take on G.I. Joe with Sigma (which I didn’t think was THAT terrible), Resolute comes off as the dirtier, in-your-face version without apology.

Most every character from the series is here in full dress uniform just as I remember them with a clean animation style that makes it fantastic to watch. There are a few changes, but not in a bad way…not in the least. Roadblock doesn’t rhyme but he’s still good at what he does, Duke comes off as much more of a no-nonsense leader, and if you had ever wanted to see what would happen in the final battle between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow…it’s here. Oh yes, it’s here. And I have just realized that a few of the figures I have in this continuity, if its canon or not, probably won’t be useful afterwards since death is kind of final.

And Cobra Commander? Yeah, he pretty much admits to killing one of those characters that we grew up knowing. This is an incredible reboot with gutsy twists and if you remember running into the living room after school to catch the latest episode of “A Real American Hero”, you should seriously consider checking out what Hasbro has done with the series now.

You can catch the episodes as they come out on Adult Swim Video online.


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