Viva Las Vegas Fallout Style

As has already been reported everywhere else, Bethesda let slip that Obsidian Entertainment will be working on Fallout: New Vegas.


Why sweet? Three of the Fallout series’ original developers…Feargus Urquhart (Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment), Chris Avellone (Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment), Chris Jones (Fallout, Arcanum)…call Obsidian Entertainment home.  Already hard at work on role-playing spy game, Alpha Protocol, it’s very cool news to hear that Obsidian will also be focusing on a Fallout title. I’m not sure yet whether Urquhart, Avellone, and Jones will be working on the game themselves, but I certainly hope that they will be involved in some capacity as it is something that has come back home for them to play with again. And that’s just awesome.

The only thing I remember about Nevada was what I saw from Fallout 2 with New Reno and that was as close as anyone had gotten to the City that Never Sleeps. Traveling through that cesspool was a great experience filled with interesting characters, all of which were vying to control New Reno through drugs, guns, and good ol’ fashioned violence. Fun times, so I’m guessing New Vegas will be a much bigger and badder version just waiting for some wanderer to come drifting through.

It’s also interesting to hear that New Vegas isn’t an official sequel, nor an add-on, which means that its likely a spinoff title taking place within the character of Fallout’s world to expand the lore and to open up more of what is going on in the world After the Bomb. Does this mean we might see new Fallout titles opening up the rest of the world in the same way that Redguard and Battlespire had opened up the Elder Scrolls series outside of the major chapters? Although both titles weren’t exactly blockbusters, they did add to the lore of the Elder Scrolls and expanded on its world allowing players to participate in these side trips which was great to see.

I hope so, I really hope that’s exactly what it means.


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